Process URL

This endpoint extracts content from a given URL, and returns a set of structured data points.



This is a POST request.

You must include your API key as a "token" field in your request header.

The request body takes the following arguments:

Argument Description
url the URL you want to process. string
include_full_text include full text as part of the response. boolean (default: true)

Request Body Example:

"url" : "",
"include_full_text" : true


If successful, the response will include the following fields:

Field Description
title title tag
url canonical URL
description description tag
date date published tag
author author tag
links list of hyperlinks
images list of image URLs
videos list of video URLs
language language tag
clean_text full clean text
html clean html for content
word_count clean text word count
assets list of sections with headings and text
questions list of question headings
entities list of topics sorted by count
statistics list of sentences containing stats