Introduction to SERP Panel

When the AI Article Wizard is used or SEO Workflow document is created, the SERP Panel should appear on the right side (shown below).

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 12.19.01 PM

SERP: View People Also Ask questions and header structures of the top Google results pulled into Frase, and cite any information from these results with a couple of clicks.  The list of results can be edited (ability to add or remove results in the Frase SERP panel).

Outline: Pick headers from the top 20 search results as an ideation point for your structure. Edit and drag and drop ability to formulate your header structure. These headers can be used directly in our AI Article Wizard.

Links:  Find external links coming from the top Google results pulled into Frase

Optimize: Add words from the "Optimize" section that haven't already been mentioned in your content. These words are found by putting the content of the top Google results through Frase's in-house Natural Language Processing AI, which then pulls out some important semantic SEO keywords that can help rank content.