Fair Use Policy

Frase’s Team Plan, Solo Plan, Basic Plan, Lifetime Plans, and Add-on are subject to our Fair Use policy.

Normal use by a 100% human team that isn’t sharing an account is generally allowed and covered in fair use. 

Restrictions Rules

When using Frase, you agree to adhere to these restrictions inside your account. 

You won’t be allowed to use a script or automation tool to generate high volumes of content. When we identify your account, we will temporarily lock it. Continued abuse of this platform will result in a permanent ban.

You won't be allowed to generate a high volume of content above 80K words per day. Breaking this threshold will result in a manual review of your account, after which, your account will likely be frozen.

You won’t be allowed to have multiple people logging in under one account. This includes group buys. You will be identified as having multiple users and your account will be temporarily locked. Continued abuse will result in a permanent ban. 


If you are identified by our team or system for any and all failures to adhere to the fair use policy, we will immediately freeze your account and issue a warning. After speaking to you, we will reactivate the account. 

Continued failure to comply will result in a permanent ban from Frase. You will not receive a refund of any charges if you are banned.